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  1. Ethan Dodd


    I am part of an emerging artistic collective entitled ‘Phosphorus’ who have ran successful exhibitions and residencies within The Abacus whilst it was still open, and am inquiring about the possibility of running a show at your space. I have a few questions about the specifics of this situation;

    – how much is rental of the space?
    – Is there facilities for live music to be performed?
    – When is the schedule free for an exhibition?

    Many thanks,

    Ethan Dodd

    1. ChristianChristian

      Hi Ethan, Sorry I’ve only just seen this comment. We don’t charge hire for exhibitions. Yes we can accommodate live music. We are programmed up to around November time at the moment. Would you mind emailing a bit of info about what it is you would like to do to and we can go from there. Cheers, Nia


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