New opening times

We have slightly new opening times from this weekend. Check them out below…

Our adapted opening times

After seeing the trends of our ever valued customers over the past 1.5 years…it has become apparent you all go out on a Saturday night and don’t want to be in a warehouse off Newport Road!…so here’s a tempting offer!…
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Halloween ‘Wheel o’ Doom’ party

During recent building work we discovered Spit and Sawdust is built on an ancient burial ground, and unwittingly unearthed the sacred Wheel o’ Doom. Dormant for 6000 years, the Wheel now must take it’s revenge on the brave who enter Ye Old…
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Back to regular timetable

The Summer holidays are OVER! (well…depending on how all you parents out there look at it) so it’s back to the regular timetable.


No it’s not the 90’s…and those who were around, probably won’t remember much of it! Neon Spit and Sawdust badges now available, SO hot right now!