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Spit & Sawdust Art Programme

We are not pre-empting what our creative programme might entail, but rather will allow it to grow organically out of the space. During our first year artists, groups and organisations presented a varied mix of shows, events and performances and they used the space as a platform to develop work and experiment. This included exhibitions by Dan Underwood, Eric Aydin Barberini and James Green, our warehouse warming party – a mass of musical performances and exhibition of very small pieces of art, a number of sound performances by Ian Watson, Blood Stereo, Usurper, Duncan Harrison and Tom Roberts, a one day artist-led symposium called ‘Settlement’ looking at how artists occupy and transform cities, an interactive idea for a possible museum by Mike Tooby called ‘Storio’ and the first CGI Friday event by Video F**k.

We are now in our second year and, alongside a continuing programme of exhibitions and events, are embarking on a research and development project to learn more about the potential of our space and how we can work with and support artists. We want to be ambitious about how our building is used by artist and through the learning from this project develop exciting and challenging artist opportunities that are integrated into the working life of the building and organisation in the future.