Thrashers GX1000

THIS FRIDAY! 27th of May to be precise, like a fine steak tartare or a transit load of sushi, Thrasher bringing you street rawness like only they can!   DO NOT MISS THIS   City Surf x Cardiff Skateboard Club…
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Tech Head

Andy Fungs exhibition Tech Head will be kicking off June 3rd…and to celebrate, a whole host of live music and DJ’s will be accompanying the event. Check out the poster below and save the date in your filofax’s people!

Volcoms ‘Holy Stokes’ skateboarding release

This one gets the big tick for the foodies as well as the skateboarders! The fine folkes over at Volcom are treating you on June 1st to not only a skateboard spectacular…but also to ONE HUNDRED of our homemade burgers AND…
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Computer illiterate…but we’re working on it!

Here at Spit and Sawdust we pride ourselves on the ‘personal touch’…which usually means the technical stuff goes out the window….often We hereby promise to concentrate 17% more time on our website…per week Watch this space!

Easter Sunday Under 10’s egg hunt

Come on down to our Under 10’s session on Easter Morning 10am -12pm. As well as the usual fun it includes a free Easter hunt around the park!